Expert advice on all aspects of planning, roads, compulsory purchase and compensation law

A top-ranking firm in the specialist and complex areas of planning, roads and compulsory purchase & compensation, we offer extensive experience and proactive, practical advice.


We advise on all aspects of planning, roads, compulsory purchase and compensation – all highly controversial matters that call for careful consideration by expert, experienced practitioners. We also advise on local government law, practice and procedure, and on environmental and climate change issues.

We offer experience in all areas of development. This includes advocacy in public inquiries and hearings. Our experts are on hand throughout the lifespan of any scheme – advising on everything from the very inception of project and strategy for moving a project forward, through the planning application stage and any subsequent appeal, to Court of Session challenges or litigation if necessary.

At every stage, we’re dedicated to delivering a consistently high level of service. Our proactive, practical approach ensures that any issues are identified and resolved before they become problems, and the combination of experience, expertise and skill within our team enables us to provide a flexible and tailored service that results in an exceptional level of personal support.

Almost all of our work is in the private sector, for developers, landowners, housebuilders and retailers.

Whatever the nature of the project we’re advising on, we use the planning system and work with other professional consultants and specialists in our own construction and real estate teams to achieve your commercial aims in a cost-effective way.

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